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这是一个化妆品的牌子~!好像是香港的,以前买过一个排毒的面膜 很垃圾!

--Dixie Chicks Some people think I'm crazy But try to understand I get satisfaction Out of everything I can The losers and the winners The laughter and the tears The noises of the day to day Is music to my ears And I like it Y...

金泰妍的《I》最后一句是My life is a beauty,我之前也听成了so

推荐,挺好听的一首歌。是泰妍迷你一辑的主打歌 I 。

the beauty of life 生命之美;生活之美 例句 1.The beauty of life is only made by walking, did not wait out brilliant. 人生只有走出来的美丽,没有等出来的辉煌 2.Use the camera to describe the beauty of life. 以镜头描述生命之美。 3...

Beauty in my life 我生命中的美 The love for beauty is a nature of all human beings. It is common to see everyone will dressed up before go out. Why more and more people are focus on beautiful now? I think become more beautiful ...

应该是少女时代的队长——金泰妍和Verbal Jint合唱的的《I》,歌词应该是:My life is so beauty.保证对,你可以去优酷上看看MV。

There are many factors that can contribute to a person’s success in life. But of all the possible characteristics that can affect one’s success, I believe self-confidence to be the most important for the following reasons. The ...

Beverley Knight - Beautiful Night

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